Cosmos global catering




We strongly believe that the products and service we providing to the customers must be of the highest level of international standards and quality. Our dedication and commitment to them is of utmost important to us. As far as our service is concerned we ensure that the following requirements for the service are maintained throughout the contract term.

  • Maintain consistency in quality and quantity
  • Maintain high standard of hygiene
  • Timely delivery of goods
  • Better menu planning to satisfy the multinational community
  • Maintain a better communication with the client representative
  • Maintain all terms and conditions of the contract


We recognized that world class health, saftey and environmental practices play a vital part in the food industry and every aspect of the food production and hygene process is governed by defining principles prescribed in the Codex Alimentarius. Every one who works for Cosmos Global is responsible for ensuring that their actions are consistent with our HSEQ aims. We recognize that installing a saftey first culture is a continuous process. So we invest in a rolling program of employee initiatives focusing on personal wellbeing, health and hygene, environmental awareness and quality control.

Our people

Our business revolves around people, so we invest heavily in recruiting and developing the best talent in our sector.

We aim to continuously improve the service, we offer you by recruiting and developing people with a passion for their work, then motivating them with the freedom and support to make a positive contribution to your business.

Cosmos Global is manages by a team of highly skilled professionals with vast wxperience in the field of Catering and Food Service.


We will implement a four week cycle menu which will be designed to meet the requirement of our client.

Our Chefs give careful consideration to food qualilty, taste, nutrition and presentation whilst maintaining the highest level of health and safety standards.